We repair and recoat chlor-alklai electrolyzer elements, include membrane cell anode and cathode, diaphragm cell anode, mercury cell anode, chlorate cell anode, hypochlorite cell anode.

Advanced coating technology can ensure good coating performance and long lifetime, and perfect mechanical techanical can give you a flat electrode surface.

Good quality and reasonable price is our advantage.

We also manufacture new elements of Asahi Kasei (NCS/NCH), Bluestar, and Eltech (MGC/ExL).

Products include:

      >> IEM cell anode and cathode

           >> Diaphragm cell anode

                >> Mercury cell anode

                      >> Chlorate cell anode

                          >> Hypochlorite cell anode

AK element

AK Element Anode Remesh

chlorate Anode

Chlorate Cell Anode

Anode mesh

Titanium Anode Mesh

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