WanChem Electrolyzer Part Corporation is in a position to offer the most up-to-date service for electrochemical industry in the world. It was found on 1997, started from cell gaskets manufacture. After that our business scope is expanded to Mixed Metal Oxide (MMO) coating titanium anode and other parts for electrochemical industries, including chlor-alkali, chlorate, electrowinning, copper foil, cathodic protection, etc.

Coating facility

Our products mainly include:

    >> Anode coating and Cathode coating

    >> Manufacture new chlor-alkali cell elements

    >> Electrolyzer electrode repair, coating, recoating

    >> Cell gaskets for chlor-alkali electrolyzers

    >> Teflon hoses for electrolyzers

    >> Titanium & nickel head pipe

    >> Other parts according to customer's design

"Best Quality & Resonable Price" is the foundation stone for our company surviving. Our experience in electrochemical can definitely help you to maintain your plant in perfect performance.

We look forward to working with you!

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