Normally for old type of electrolyzer, there is a gap between anode surface and cathode surface. Zero Gap Retrofitting is used to eliminate gap, so that no gap between anode surface and membrane, or cathode surface and membrane. This is so called Zero Gap.

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Some Zero Gap Modified Electrolyzers have run two membrane cycles (8 years).
Comparing to original electrolyzers, no obvious harmful for membraners. It is
proved to be an advanced technology.

So far we have done Zero Gap Retrofitting for: 

>> Asahi Kasei NCS, NCH

>> UNDE BM2.7 Gen.3, Gen.4

>> CEC BiTAC, including replacing anode flange with Ti/Pd alloy

>> Ineos BiChlor 

AK NCS Zero Gap Retrofitting

Zero Gap for AK NCS




BiTAC Anode

Activated nickel mini-mesh

Nickel mattress

Nickel mattress for Zero Gap

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