BiChlor Remesh

Cathode flange replacement
BM2.7 Recoating

Recoated BM2.7 Anode

Based on status of old BiCHLOR electrode, It can be directly recoating, or remesh. Remesh means remove the old mesh and install a new coated mesh.

Some old BiCHLOR electrodes deformed very badly. We can repair it before coating, but the flatness can't be perfect. In this case, it is better to remesh it. After remesh, the mesh flatness will be absolutely same as new one.

Some element titanium or nickel flange is corroded. We can repair it.
If only small corrosion pits on flange, we will fill them by TIG welding;
if the corrosion area is too big, we will replace part of flange, even
whole flange.

For BiCHLOR electrolyzer cathode side, we supply three solutions:
1) directly recoat cathode;
2) remesh cathodic mesh;
3) use mattress and activated minimesh to do zero gap modification.
This is a special technology. After modified with nickel mattress,
the electrolyzer performance is very stable. If you are bothered by
BiCHLOR mesh deformation, it is time to contact us now.

Zero Gap of BiCHLOR
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